The Municipality of Chiavari is the third largest town in terms of number of inhabitants in the metropolitan area, after Genoa and Rapallo. It has always promoted Ligurian maritime traditions in synergy with the cultural, tourist and sporting associations in the are .

Chiavari and the surrounding area is ideal for practising a wide range of sports. The municipality’s goal is to constantly promote and improve existing sports facilities and areas.

Currently in the municipal area, there are 10 public sports facilities: Palazzetto dello Sport (Sports Centre) and adjacent tensile structure, Campo Sportivo di Caperana (Caperana Sports Ground), Campo Sportivo “Area di Colmata”, Stadio Comunale (Municipal Stadium) in Via Gastaldi, Largo Pessagno swimming pool, Largo Pessagno Gym, Mazzini School Gym, “E. Luzzati ” art school gym, “In memoria Morti per la Patria” technical-commercial school gym.

There is a total of 67 Chiavaresi Sports Associations representing many different sports disciplines, which function both at a competitive and amateur level.

Thanks to the mild climate, green areas, sea promenade and flat and hilly areas, tourists can enjoy a variety of sports in the different seasons throughout the year, which are also connected to events of national and international interest. On land, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the traditional “CREUZE” paths (typical Ligurian alleys running between the cultivated terraces) that go from the sea to the hills, while cycling lovers have a wide choice of mountain bike/cycling routes as well. At sea, all the water sports can be practised above and below the waves.

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